Battery Thermal Management System

Battery Thermal Management System

Battery thermal management systems play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance, safety, and durability of power batteries in electric buses.

TKT has developed 3KW-10KW battery thermal management systems specifically designed for electric buses, electric trucks, and heavy equipment. Battery pack temperatures are kept within proper limits through coolant cooling and PTC heating to maintain longer mileage and service life.

Our solutions for Battery Thermal Management Systems are being used by global OEMs to maximize vehicle mileage, increase service life, and ensure battery safety. Our customers appreciate our top-notch, reasonably-priced products.

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battery thermal management system for ev

TKT’s wide range of thermal management systems for lithium-ion batteries are suitable for electric buses, electric trucks, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, ships and other commercial vehicles. High quality, high volume and wholesale pricing make us an obvious partner for you.
We provide design and technical support to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. These include BYD, Tata Motors, Switch Mobility and more than 150 other outstanding companies.

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Commonly Used Vehicles for BTMS Systems

3-10KW BTMS Dseign for EV Bus

EV Bus BTMS system can be used in electric buses, passenger coaches, minibuses, shuttle buses and more.
This system is designed to regulate and control the temperature of the battery pack to ensure optimal performance, extended range and overall efficiency. It improves the overall efficiency of electric buses by reducing energy loss due to excessive heat.
In addition, our reliable BTMS system prevents potential battery failures or thermal accidents, thus safeguarding passengers and operators.

3-10KW BTMS Dseign for EV Lighgt/Heavy Truck

BTMS for Electric light-duty trucks

Electric light-duty trucks are commonly used for urban distribution, logistics operations and commuting.
The BTMS system for electric light-duty trucks optimizes the battery temperature in real time, preventing overheating, reducing the risk of thermal runaway and extending battery life.
It effectively increases the range of electric light-duty trucks and ensures stable performance.
Meanwhile BTMS optimizes the charging process, reducing the risk of inefficient charging or damage to the battery pack.

BTMS for Electric Heavy Duty Trucks

BTMS for Electric Heavy Duty Trucks (typically used for construction, freight or long haul transportation).
BTMS system for electric heavy-duty trucks minimizes the amount of energy used for temperature control by efficiently managing the thermal conditions of the battery, thus using more battery capacity for the primary task of cargo transportation.
Heavy-duty truck batteries operate under more demanding conditions due to frequent long-distance transportation and higher power requirements, and BTMS plays an important role in mitigating battery deterioration by preventing extreme heat or cold, thereby extending battery life and reducing maintenance costs.
In addition, electric heavy-duty trucks can benefit from the BTMS-controlled regenerative braking system, which converts part of the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration or braking, increasing the efficiency of the regenerative braking system.

3-10KW BTMS Dseign for EV Heavy Equipments

TKT electric vehicle thermal management can be used for heavy-duty equipment for electric vehicles.
Cities need construction sites to cope with the constant changes required to meet the latest standards. Construction vehicles are a common, almost daily occurrence in city life.
Construction machinery such as excavators are indispensable in order to complete reconstruction work as quickly as possible. They have to transport heavy loads on a daily basis and therefore work harder than normal vehicles.
However, this consumes a lot of fuel, which increases CO2 emissions. With this in mind, all-electric vehicles are the best way to protect the climate and save money, while also advancing the modernization of cities.

The BTMS system is not only suitable for EV buses, EV trucks, and EV heavy machinery, but TKT BTMS system also supports OEM customization service to meet your specific needs. You can contact us anytime for more information about Battery Thermal Management System, we will provide you with satisfactory quality and price.

All Series Specification Table:

Cooling Capacity3KW3KW5KW5KW10KW
Heating Capacity3KW3KW5KW5KW6KW
Coolant Flow45-60L/Minute45-60L/Minute45-60L/Minute45-60L/Minute45-60L/Minute
InstallationRoof TopChassisRoof TopChassisRoof Top

Problems We Solve for You

1. You don’t have to worry about the battery overheating, even in harsh conditions or during operation. Our battery remains stable and safe.
2. You can rely on our BTMS Battery Pack Thermal Management System cooling technology to ensure optimal performance and prevent battery failure. You don’t need to worry about battery performance degradation anymore.
3. Our battery usage optimization can help reduce energy consumption and promote a greener future.

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Advantages of Our Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System

1. Patented design and trusted expertise in battery thermal management to improve battery reliability.
2. Liquid cooling (coolant) combined with PTC heating ensures long-lasting and stable performance.
3. Lighter weight compared to other products in the market, thus reducing the burden on the vehicle.
4. Adoption of integrated layout program. We can provide ATS and BTMS system integration solutions.
5. CAN control is adopted to avoid damage to the battery pack by misoperation. The system adapts to changing conditions and realizes high-precision control.
6. Intelligent thermal control to prevent overheating or overcooling. Effectively extends battery cycle life.
7. Premium quality and performance recognized by customers worldwide. A large number of cases for you to choose, or choose exclusive OEM service.

Battery thermal management system for electric vehicles are critical for optimizing performance, extending battery life, ensuring safety, optimizing charging cycles, adapting to different environments, and promoting environmental sustainability. While advances in battery technology have brought tremendous benefits, battery thermal management and battery cooling system remains a fundamental aspect that cannot be ignored. Using our BTMS not only enhances the user experience, but also protects against potential hazards and maximizes the overall potential of battery-powered devices.

TKT BTMS Introduction and Company Advantages

TKT started its research and design types of Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMS) in 2012. The aim was to optimize battery performance, increase energy efficiency and extend battery life. To address these challenges, TKT has developed a 3KW-10KW Battery Thermal Management System for electric buses, electric trucks, and heavy transportation equipment. This system solves the problems by maintaining the temperature of the battery pack within the appropriate range through coolant cooling and PTC heating. This ensures a longer range and service life of the electric vehicle. TKT can offer more affordable factory prices and availability to OEM customers worldwide, giving them a competitive advantage.

TKT HVAC is a global leading BTMS manufacturer and supplier, with a team of 100+ talented engineers. The team includes design, structural, electrical, test, EMI/EMC, and after-sales engineers with complete design, development, testing and certification capabilities.

In addition to products, TKT also offers comprehensive services. Their technicians will advise you from the beginning and integrate solutions perfectly into your existing systems. They also welcome outstanding OEMs to discuss technology with them for mutual development.

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