RV Air Conditioner - TKT 40THIN

As an industry leader in producing high-quality RV air conditioners, TKT offers the TKT-40THIN, a premier roof-mounted unit designed for optimal performance and comfort. With over 20 years of expertise and a robust market presence, TKT ensures reliability, efficiency, and unparalleled cooling solutions for RV enthusiasts worldwide.

– Cooling Capacity: 3800W(12560BTU)
– Heating Capacity: 1500W+electric heater
– Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
– Refrigerant: R134A
– Compressor: LG
– Application: Caravans, campers, trailers, and even boats
– Dimension: 788*632*256 mm
– MOQ:2 units (Better shipping costs)

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As the world’s leading manufacturer of caravan air conditioners, TKT began researching, designing and producing caravan air conditioners in 2001 to meet the growing demand for RV comfort. From the beginning, TKT has designed a range of caravan air conditioners for the global market that can be installed in caravans, motorhomes, motor homes, campervans and yachts.

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All Series Specification Table:

Model NO.TKT-40THIN Air Conditioner for RV
Cooling Capacity3800W(12560BTU)
Heating Capacity1500W+electric heater
Alternative electric heater1500W
Input Power1450W
Current5.8A  (220V)
Power Supply220~240V/50Hz
Inner frame materialEPP(Expanded polypropylene)
Upper Unit Sizes(L*W*H)788*632*256 mm
Net Weight28K

Key Features of the RV AC Unit - TKT 40THIN

Advanced Condenser Coil Structure

The TKT-40THIN boasts an exclusive design of the condenser coil structure, protected by a design patent. This innovative feature enhances the cooling efficiency, ensuring rapid and effective temperature control even in the most challenging conditions.

High Certification Standards

Certified to meet stringent standards in both the USA and Europe, the TKT-40THIN exemplifies quality and safety. These certifications attest to its superior performance and adherence to international safety and environmental regulations.

Optimal Cooling in Extreme Conditions

Designed to meet cooling requirements in extremely hot places, the TKT-40THIN is built to withstand and operate efficiently in high-temperature environments, ensuring a comfortable interior climate regardless of external conditions.

Low Noise and Vibration

The TKT-40THIN operates with minimal noise and vibration, providing a serene and undisturbed environment within your caravan. This feature is particularly beneficial for extended travels, where a quiet and peaceful atmosphere is essential.

Compact and Lightweight Design

With its small size and light weight, the TKT-40THIN is easy to install and does not add unnecessary bulk to your caravan. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a space-efficient air conditioning solution.

Longevity and Durability

The TKT-40THIN rv ac unit boasts an impressive system life span of 10-15 years, ensuring long-term reliability and consistent performance. This longevity translates to lower maintenance costs and greater value over time.

Other Hot RV Air Conditioner Products

RV AC Under Bed DC 12V/24V TKT 30UB

– Cooling Capacity: 2500W(8525BTU)
– Heating Capacity: 2500W(8525BTU)
– Structure: Under-bed
– Application: Caravans, campers, trailers, and even boats
– Power Supply: 24v
– Upper Unit Sizes: 575*455*290

RV Rof top Unit AC 220V/240V TKT-40SD

– Cooling Capacity: 4000W(13640BTU)
– Heating Capacity: 2000W+electric heater
– Alternative electric heater: 2000W
– Application: Caravans, campers, trailers, and even boats
– Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz

Parking Air Conditioner Roof Top Design - TKT 50ER

– Cooling Capacity: 5000W (17050BTU)
– Voltage: DC12V/24V
– Size: 700*750*205mm
– Structure: Roof Top
– Application: Truck cab, trailer, caravan, farming machine, construction machine, caravan, etc.

Advantages of Choosing TKT RV Air Conditioners

Proven Track Record

TKT has supplied commercial vehicle air conditioning solutions to prominent vehicle manufacturers such as MAXUS Datong, Hubei Chengli, Yangzhou Saide, Jiangsu Famei Rui, and ADRIA, among others. Additionally, TKT provides OEM services to global brands like TATA Motors, Ford, Isuzu, and Carryboy. This extensive experience and market verification underline the trustworthiness and quality of TKT air conditioners.

Longer Lifespan

TKT’s rv air conditioners have a lifespan that is more than 30% longer than low-end alternatives. This extended durability ensures consistent performance and significant cost savings in the long run.

Stable Operation in High Temperatures

Even at outdoor temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius, the TKT-40THIN maintains stable operation, providing reliable cooling performance in extreme heat conditions.

Factory Sourced Pricing

Customers benefit from factory-sourced pricing, ensuring competitive rates without compromising on quality. This direct pricing model makes premium caravan air conditioning solutions accessible and affordable.

Customized OEM Service

TKT offers customized OEM services to meet specific requirements, allowing for tailored solutions that align perfectly with customer needs.

Why Choose TKT EV Solution?

Successful Installations

The TKT RV AC Systems has been successfully installed in numerous caravans, delivering outstanding cooling performance and customer satisfaction. Our experienced sales staff are available to recommend the most suitable product for your specific needs, ensuring an optimal match for your caravan.

Notable Projects

TKT has been involved in numerous high-profile projects, further establishing its reputation as a reliable provider of air conditioning solutions. These projects highlight the versatility and effectiveness of TKT products in various applications and environments.

About TKT EV Solution

With a robust team of 25 engineers holding master’s and PhD degrees, and a skilled workforce of 480 workers, TKT stands as a leading commercial vehicle air conditioner manufacturer in China. Our products are backed by over 210 patents and certifications such as CE and EMI/EMC, ensuring high standards of innovation and quality.

Global Presence and After-Sales Service

TKT serves customers in 85 countries, providing comprehensive after-sales support and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our global presence and commitment to service excellence make us a trusted partner in the air conditioning industry.

Choosing TKT’s Caravan Roof-Mounted Air Conditioner means investing in a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting cooling solution. With its advanced features, superior performance, and proven track record, our rooftop rv ac stands out as the premier choice for caravan air conditioning needs. Experience unparalleled comfort and peace of mind with TKT’s top-tier air conditioning solutions.

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