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– 5.5-18m all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses
– 2-year warranty, extendable to 5 years

Bus Air Conditioner Systems

TKT is a pioneer in bus air conditioning systems. We manufacture electric bus air conditioning systems and engine-drive bus systems for a variety of roof-integrated HVAC systems for transportation applications such as buses, minibus, shuttle bus, carrier bus, minivans, and vans.
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All Electric Bus Air Conditioner Products

TKT-160E Electric Bus Air Conditioner (6-7m Bus)

TKT-160E mini bus air conditioner is suitable for 6-7m electric buses with a cooling capacity of 16KW. This bus customer can use DC 250-350V voltage.

TKT-260E Electric Bus Air Conditioner (9-10m Bus)

TKT-260E is suitable for 9-10m electric buses. It adopts R407C environmentally friendly refrigerant and can provide large cooling capacity up to 26KW. This bus customer can use DC 450-750V voltage.

TKT-420E Electric Bus Air Conditioner (12m Bus)

TKT-420E bus rooftop air conditioner is suitable for 12m electric bus. It also adopts R407C environmentally friendly refrigerant and can provide large cooling capacity of up to 42KW. This bus customer can use DC 450-750V voltage.

Hot Engine Driven Bus Air Conditioner Products

TKT-180M for Engine Driven Bus(5.5-7m Bus)

TKT - 180M is 18kW power cooling capacity for 5.5-7m engine driven buses or caravans.

TKT-200M for Engine Driven Bus(8-10m Bus)

TKT - 200M is 20kW power cooling capacity for 7-8m engine driven buses or caravans.

TKT-380B for Engine Driven Bus(9-12m Bus)

TKT - 308B is 38kW power cooling capacity for 9-12m engine driven buses or caravans.

TKT-400B for Engine Driven Bus(9-12m Bus)

TKT - 400B is 40kW power cooling capacity for 12-14m engine driven buses or caravans.

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Why Choose TKT EV Solution?

TKT specializes in electric vehicles air conditioner and battery thermal management systems for more than 25 years, and has been providing commercial electric vehicle charging station solutions since 2010. We offer a wide range of charging station to help our customers in the pure electric vehicle sector around the world to complete a one-stop service.

TKT has passed ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, intellectual property management system certification and so on. At present, it has obtained more than 100 patents and software Copyrights, and applied for 8 registered trademarks.

Advantages of TKT Bus Air Conditioner

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Why Choose TKT HVAC?

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  • 1. Our products have a lifespan of more than 10 years.
  • 2. Our products have been tested and have proven reliable even in dusty conditions and temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • 3. Our service centers are located in over 85 countries.
  • 4. Our products come with a free 18-month warranty.
  • 5. We are a trusted supplier to the world’s top 500 companies, including TATA India.
  • 6. We offer original manufacturer prices.

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What's Your Payment Terms?

For small orders:

  • 1. 100% T/T in advance is acceptable.
  • 2. Receive payment from the Alibaba Trade assurance system.

For big value order:

  • 50% T/T deposit, 50% balance before shipping.
Are These Products in Stock? How Long is The Lead Time?

For small orders, the lead time is typically 1 week. Please contact sales for large quantity orders.

What is The Application on This Products?

We have different models available for options. To recommend a suitable model for you, please provide us with your vehicle details and requirements.

For bus air conditioners, we need to know your bus length and vehicle type (truck, caravan, van, etc.).

Do you Have Stock?

Typically, small orders take about one week to process. Please provide us with your model number, voltage, and desired quantity, and we will confirm your order.

What‘ s The Minimum Order Quantity?

Sample order to test is acceptable, but if the order quantity is more than 10 units, we will offer a special discount!

How Much for The Shipping Cost?

The cost of shipping is calculated based on the weight and packing volume of the product. The shipping cost may also vary depending on the country of destination.

To provide you with an accurate shipping quote, please let us know which model you are interested in, along with your shipping address details. Our sales team will then provide you with a shipping quote as soon as the shipping agent is available.

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