Truck AC – TKT-50ER

5kW Rooftop Parking Air Conditioner - TKT-50ER

As the premier choice for parking truck air conditioning solutions, TKT’s 5kW roof-top truck air conditioner stands out for its superior cooling efficiency, innovative design, and robust build quality. Engineered to meet the stringent demands of both domestic and international markets, this air conditioner delivers unmatched performance, ensuring comfort even in the most extreme conditions.

– Cooling Capacity: 5000W (17050BTU)
– Voltage: DC12V/24V
– Refrigerant: R134A
– Size: 700*750*205mm
– Structure: Roof Top
– Application: Truck cab, trailer, caravan, farming machine, construction machine, caravan, etc.
– MOQ:2 units (Better shipping costs)

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The TKT-50ER represents the pinnacle of electric and battery-powered air conditioning technology, meticulously designed for a diverse range of vehicles including vans, trucks, trailers, ambulances, construction vehicles, and agricultural machinery. Engineered to operate efficiently in extreme temperatures exceeding 55°C, the TKT-50ER ensures a comfortable environment for drivers without the need for fuel consumption or emissions, addressing installation challenges in vehicles with limited space for traditional compressors.

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All Series Specification Table:

Model No.TKT-50ER
StructureRoof Top Model
Cooling Capacity5000 W/17000 BTU
CompressorElectrical Compressor 26cc
VoltageDC12 V/24 V
Standard total currentDC12 V/90 A; DC24 V/45 A
CondenserQTY of Condenser Fan, 2 PCs
Condenser Air Flow, 2000 m³/h
EvaporatorQTY of Evaporator Blower, 1 PC
Evaporator Air Flow, 1000 m³/h
Dimension of Roof Top Unit700*750*205mm (L*W*H)
ApplicationTruck cab, trailer, caravan, farming machine, construction machine, caravan, etc

Key Features and Benefits of TKT Parking Air Conditioner

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Zero CO2 Emissions: The TKT-50ER operates without producing carbon dioxide emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Zero Fuel Consumption: By utilizing electric power, this air conditioning system helps drivers save on fuel costs. For instance, using the air conditioner for six hours per day over 200 days a year at a fuel consumption rate of 3.5 liters per hour and a fuel price of $0.9 per liter results in a cost saving of $3,780 annually.

Enhanced Driver Comfort and Safety

Comfortable Rest Environment: The TKT-50ER provides a healthy and comfortable climate within the vehicle cabin, essential for drivers to rest and recuperate.
Increased Road Safety: By reducing driver stress and fatigue, the air conditioning system contributes to safer driving conditions.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

Extended Warranty: The system comes with an 18-month free warranty for the entire unit and a 3-year free warranty for the electric compressor.
Global Support Network: With sales and service centers in over 85 countries, TKT provides round-the-clock technical support to its customers.

Integrated Rooftop Unit Design

Self-Contained Unit: The TKT-50ER features an all-in-one rooftop unit design that incorporates the condenser, evaporator, and electric compressor assemblies. This design simplifies installation, reducing the need for skilled labor and minimizing installation costs.
Pre-filled Refrigerant: The system is pre-charged with refrigerant, further streamlining the installation process.

Advanced Cooling Capabilities

Adaptability to Extreme Temperatures: The TKT-50ER is capable of meeting cooling requirements in extremely hot environments, proven effective in regions like India and the Gulf.

OEM and ODM Excellence

Leading OEM Provider

Over the past 24 years, TKT has established itself as the premier OEM provider in China for bus air conditioning and truck refrigeration units. Notable collaborations include partnerships with industry leaders such as Yutong, Nanjing Golden Dragon, and Xiamen Golden Dragon for bus A/C, and CIMC, Xinfei, and Hongyu for truck refrigeration units.

International Market Presence

TKT’s international reach includes OEM partnerships with major companies like TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, and Daewoo. With exports to over 85 countries and a robust sales and service network, TKT has cemented its position as a global leader in air conditioning solutions.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle air conditioning systems in China, we bring decades of experience and innovation to the table. Our team of 25 engineers with master’s and PhD degrees, along with 480 skilled workers, ensures the highest quality in every product we deliver. With a global footprint across 85 countries and over 210 patents, we provide reliable, certified solutions tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

– Longer Lifespan: Our trailer air conditioner units have a lifespan over 30% longer than low-end alternatives.
– Stable Operation: Maintains stability even at outdoor temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius.
– Factory Sourced Pricing: Competitive pricing directly from our factory.
– Customized OEM Services: Tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Our roof-top truck air conditioner system is the pinnacle of cooling technology for recreational vehicles and other mobile applications. With its innovative design, robust performance, and extensive certifications, it provides unparalleled comfort and reliability. Choose our product for a superior air conditioning experience that stands the test of time.

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