AC EV Chargers 7kw-22kw

AC EV Chargers 7kW-22kW

The main advantage of TKT’s AC charging stations is that they are affordable. Another advantage of them is that they are more widely available due to their lower price. At the same time, they are significantly smaller, easier to install, faster and cheaper. Due to their characteristics, AC charging stations are also suitable for home installation and night-time charging.

– Output Rating: 7kW~22kW
– Protection Degree: IP54 / IP55
– Min Voltage Req: 200V ( Input Side )
– Quality Certification: ISO9001, IATF16949, TUV, CE, ect.
– Charging Interface: CCS1 Type 1/CCS2 Type 2/CHAdeMO Type 1
– Application: residential communities, companies, commercial venues, and public parking

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The primary function of an AC charging station is to mediate the necessary communications with the vehicle’s control system and to ensure the safety of the vehicle and crew. Therefore, the AC charging station regulates the charging based on the current possibilities of the house or charging point so that the network is not overloaded.

All Series Specification Table:

CertificateISO9001, IATF16949, TUV, CE, IEC61851-1, IEC 62196-2
Charging InterfaceCCS1 Type 1 / CCS2 Type 2 / CHAdeMO Type 1
  1 or 2 Optional
Output Rating7kW, 32A11kW, 32A22kW, 32A
Input Voltage1-phase 230V ±20%3-phase 400V ±20%
Standby Power< 5 W
Protection DegreeIP54 / IP55
Internal ResidualDual CE Certified RCCB Type-B (30mA AC, 6mA DC)
Current Detection
Over Current ProtectionDual MCB 50A
Lightning ProtectionSPD 40KA
Energy MeterCE & MID Certified
Electrical ProtectionOver current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage,
Ground fault, lightning surge, over temperature
Mounting TypeWall-Mount or Pole-Mount or Floor-Mount
Network Interface4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Status IndicatorsStandby (Green), Charging (Flashing Green), Fault (Red), Waring (Flash Red)
Display2.8” LCD / 7″ LCD Display
User AuthenticationRFID / Applets / Credit Card (optional)
Buttons/SwitchesPhysical button for charging connector selection, and also output current adjustment
Operating Temperature(-30℃ to +55℃) in operation, (-40℃ to +80℃) in storage
Humidity95% relative humidity, non-condensing

OEM/ODM Process

Over the past 24 years, TKT has become the preferred OEM choice in China for both bus air conditioning, battery thermal management system and EV charging stations . Their products are used by well-known brands such as Yutong, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon, CIMC, Xinfei, and Hongyu. TKT is also an OEM for TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, and Daewoo, and exports to over 85 countries with sales and service centers worldwide.

If you are interested in TKT, please don’t hesitate, and contact us. We offer the best prices for electric vehicle charging station products and provide full service.

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TKT AC Charging Station Advantage

1. Compact design and easy installation

TKT AC electric vehicle chargers are compactly designed and suitable for various installation environments. Its humanized design ensures the simplicity of the installation process, providing convenience for businesses and homeowners.

2. Fast charging function:

The TKT AC EV charger is equipped with a 2-stage charging feature that ensures a fast charging experience. This means vehicles charge 5 to 7 times faster than traditional 1-stage chargers, reducing downtime and increasing user convenience.

3. Versatile charging solutions:

We offer a wide range of product models, and our latest devices can charge two electric vehicles at the same time, increasing convenience and efficiency.

4. Safety First:

TKT prioritizes safety. Our chargers feature multiple protections, including over-voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection, always ensuring a safe charging environment.

5. Durable and weatherproof:

Our chargers are IP54/IP55 rated for durability against external elements such as humidity, rain and dust. This ensures the charger’s longevity and stable performance regardless of the environment.

6. Intelligent Charging System:

Our charger is not only fast, but also smart charging. The system optimizes energy distribution to ensure efficient power consumption and reduce energy costs.

7. User-friendly interface:

The LCD touch screen interface is lively and supports multiple languages to ensure a seamless user experience. In addition, our system integrates easily with any OCPP-based backend to simplify operations and ensure smooth functionality.

TKT AC Charging Station Factory

TKT has specialized in electric vehicle air conditioners and battery thermal management systems for over 25 years. Since 2010, we have also offered comprehensive solutions for electric vehicle charging stations. Our wide range of charging stations enables us to provide our customers worldwide in the pure electric vehicle sector with a one-stop service.

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