TKT-50ER 3.0 era is Coming

TKT is pleased to introduce our “new” product, TKT-50ER 3.0, which has been floating around for three months.
Our customers who have been with TKT all the way are very happy to receive our 3.0. Today, I will introduce you what changes we have made in these three generations of products.

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Appearance Material:

Our 1.0 and 2.0 models both feature a fiberglass shell. This material, known as FRP, is highly ductile and corrosion-resistant, and is easier to design for customers who want ODM. However, if you plan to use the product in a city with long-term high temperatures, the performance of fiberglass may not be optimal.

Therefore, our 3.0 series has been fully upgraded with ABS material. ABS is known for its hard, strong impact resistance, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is also more environmentally friendly in terms of processing.


After upgrading to the ABS material, our 3.0 model will be lighter, reducing its weight by approximately 10 kg compared to its predecessor. Some customers may wonder if a lighter product is better. In fact, it is better for car installation, as it avoids putting too much load on the vehicle.


Previously, integrating internal parts was not possible due to technology limitations. However, we have upgraded our technology and made the size of our product smaller. This allows us to adapt it to more vehicle models.

Why choose TKT parking air conditioner?

Here are some key benefits of using this air conditioner for your truck:

– Reduce costs: Zero CO2 emissions and no fuel consumption result in significant cost savings. For example, if you use the air conditioner for 6 hours a day, 200 days a year, and fuel consumption is 3.5 liters per hour with a fuel price of $0.9, then you can save $3780.

– Increase safety and comfort: The air conditioner creates a healthy and safe environment for drivers to rest, reducing stress and fatigue and lowering the risk of accidents.

– High-quality service: The unit comes with a generous warranty (18 months for the whole machine and 3 years for the electric compressor) and technical support is available 24/7 in over 85 countries.

– Easy installation: The independent roof design and pre-filled refrigerant make installation quick and easy, even for unskilled drivers. The split design doesn’t require cutting the roof and won’t void your vehicle warranty.

– Environmentally friendly: The air conditioner is built to last using durable parts from top brands, with a guaranteed lifespan of over 12 years.

– Unique features: The unit offers 3 cooling modes and different cooling capacities to choose from, making it suitable for all conditions. It’s also capable of cooling in extremely hot areas, with a proven track record in markets like India and the Gulf.

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