TKT HVAC Helps Accelerate the Global Pure Electric Bus Development

In recent years, due to the combined pressure of the energy and environmental crises, the usage of electric buses in urban public transport has been increasing worldwide. This trend started in China and it took several years for other regions to follow. Today, it is a beautiful sight to see 100% electric buses on the streets. As a leading bus air conditioning supplier in China, TKT is committed to accelerating the development of 100% electric buses worldwide.

TKT 100% Electric Bus Air Conditioning:

Effective air conditioning solutions are crucial for maintaining comfortable air quality, humidity, and temperature in bus passenger compartments. TKT has been at the forefront of developing air conditioning systems for electric buses since 2009. We have established strong partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers of electric buses, making us the experts in 100% electric air conditioning. TKT remains committed to investing extensively in research and development of electric air conditioning solutions to provide top-quality bus air conditioning systems to our customers worldwide.

Proven OEM Experience:

TKT serves as an OEM partner of Tata Motors, Tata Marco Polo Motors, Daewoo, and other international markets. Our bus air conditioning products are exported to 85 countries and we have sales and service centers worldwide. With 24 years of experience, we have adapted to global production and demand. Over time, TKT electric bus air conditioners have improved stability and offer lower noise levels. Since bus air conditioning systems play a crucial role in regulating humidity, airflow, air quality, and temperature inside the vehicle, we have put a lot of effort into developing high-quality products.

Sophisticated Technical Ability:

TKT is the world’s leading manufacturer of air conditioners. Their team includes 135 engineers who specialize in design, structure, electricity, testing, EMI/EMC, and after-sales service. With complete design, development, testing, and certification capabilities, TKT is dedicated to producing refrigeration equipment and components using patented coil structure designs that are more economical. The company places great emphasis on attention to detail and continuous product quality improvement. Their bus air conditioning design has been optimized to meet their customers’ needs and has passed hundreds of tests. As the second most power-consuming component, TKT’s air conditioning system is designed to have lower energy consumption and excellent control performance, providing a greater range for 100% electric buses.

Professional Technical Support:

Providing excellent products and minimizing after-sales issues is the best customer service. TKT stands out in this regard with its experienced after-sales teams present in China and across the world. They offer localized service in 85 countries and comprehensive after-sales technical support to all OEMs. TKT strives to meet the needs of its global customers, take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 100% electric bus industry, and support the development of the global electric business. Rest assured, TKT provides you with the most reliable support possible.

Everything seemed ready:

TKT has been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to expand the reach of our products. But we won’t stop there. Our vision is to drive positive change and innovation through technology and development. We are committed to making the world a greener and better place. Leveraging our strengths, TKT is excited to collaborate with you to accelerate the growth of the global 100% power business.

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